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NTC Machine shop specializes in Harley-Davidson motorcycles from the 1930's to present models. With more than three decades of experience, state of the art tooling and a team dedicated to achieving perfection, NTC is the only one stop shop that offers a turn key service in Eastern Canada. We offer our clients a range of services starting from scheduled maintenance to full engine modifications with in house machining capabilities and dyno tuning on state of the art SuperFlow equipment. We also offer in house welding and fabrication to meet any and all of your needs. We are second to none in regards to engine management/EFI troubleshooting. Even with many years of experience, we are continually striving to learn and remain current with new technologies. These are the skills that have brought us to the forefront of our industry. 

​​At NTC, we are professional engine builders. Which is not to be confused with an engine assembler. Every engine component is different when it comes off the production line. Why you might ask? Simply because of acceptable tolerances by the manufacturer. Therefore, when building or rebuilding an engine, it is necessary to measure and hand fit each component with its counter-part. In Layman's terms, we have blueprinted your engine.

Elsewhere, a client would be sold an engine kit from a catalogue. A mechanic would proceed to disassemble the motorcycle and any parts that would need to be machined or modified get sent to a third party. Once those parts return after a sometimes long delay, the mechanic would assemble the parts and send the bike out again to be dyno tuned by another shop. More delay. Eventually the client receives his bike and rides. A problem occurs or the client is not satisfied with the end result and returns to the shop that did the work. And the blame game begins between the mechanic, the machinist and the tuner. Sadly, this is common. 

At NTC, we take the time to sit down with our client, talk about their realistic goals, their budget and make a game plan as to how we are going to give their idea life. We disassemble, measure, machine, fit, assemble, dyno tune and guarantee all the work under one roof. No need to send anything to a third party because we do it all. Moreover, we keep a large inventory of engine parts in stock in order to minimize delay. We are not just engine builders, we are riders who also understand the frustration of waiting.