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At NTC, we choose to use a SuperFlow dyno because of its superior engineering, mechanical durability and ultra precise data acquisition. With over 55 years of experience as industry leaders, SuperFlow offers the best test equipment on the market which allows us to do our jobs even more efficiently.

With our Cycledyn Model 230 Dyno and an ECM air/fuel meter model 1000, our air/fuel acquisition is extremely precise. Along with Screamin' Eagle Race Tuner software, your motorcycle is tuned to perfection on top of the line equipment. 

We have also built a state of the art dyno test cell to house it all. This gives us a controlled environment where we can monitor all aspects of atmospheric conditions to ensure that the tuning is on point.

What we use & Why

Quoted from S&S:

"Something that needs to be understood about dynamometers is that the results from one dyno will not necessarily be identical to those from another dyno. So comparing results from different dynos is bound to create a certain amount of confusion. This is especially true with dynos from different manufacturers. However, results of tests run on the same machine can be compared with a high degree of confidence. We can determine, for example if a performance modification increased power or torque, but there is a problem if you expect absolute values."

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